Bleeding is a Luxury

Session 1 - Survival of the Fittest

Three survivors of a brutal attack find themselves running for their lives

Bandit.jpgAfter a gang of bandits waylaid their caravan headed to Fletcher’s Rest, “Z”, Leopold, and Chaykin found themselves lost in The Old Wood. Unsure of whether they were still being pursued, or if anyone else survived the attack, the strangers stuck together for sake of survival and made haste toward Fletcher’s Rest on foot.

They reached Fletchers Rest after an almost 12 hour journey through the wood, mostly sticking to the roads and although they did become quite lost once and stumbled into a misty bog where tendrils of metallic smelling yellow smoke rose from the ground. It didn’t bother them much, but the fumes definitely madeZ’ stomach curl. They encountered 3 of the bandits from the caravan attack along their way, but dispatched of them with relative ease via bludgeoning and mind games courtesy of Z. They only suffered a few minor scraps, save for a few broken mechanisms on Chaykin’s shoulder that’s definitely going to need repair.

We left our heroes just as they arrived at the Fletcher’s Rest Inn



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